Leisure & Outings around the cottage.

Favourite outings :

The Prieuré Saint Michel de Grandmont in Soumont allows space experiences for landscape, geobiology, harmony...

Lodève museum has an annual painting exhibition and sculptor Paul Dardé's permanent exhibition, the Rodin's contemporary who took roots in this genuine place.

Tapestry factory of the Savonnerie in Lodève: a place of art and handycraft from an other age with unique items for the Mobilier National.

A visit or a seminar in Lerab Ling, one of the main Tibetan buddhism centers.

Favourite outings

A la carte :

Oleatherm: a moment just for you from Babette and Raphael Colicci who created the center at Saint Privat OLEATHERM the Salces and you'll discover the sources of well-being: health and beauty at the heart of Olives.

Programs and activities of CIELM and IEPC, guided tours with a guide environmentalist, botanist, ecologist...

A trip to discover natural wines.

a la carte

Les festivals :

June Montpellier danse festivals. July festival in Lodève: "Voix de la Méditerranée", seasons happenings of Lodévois and Larzac and the annual painting exhibition. July Musical season in Saint Guilhem le Désert. July Radio France festival. July and august Sacred music festival in Sylvanes Abbey.